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Solgar Vitamins Vegan Vitamin D3 1000IU x 60

Solgar Vitamins Vegan Vitamin D3 1000IU x 60

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All Solgar products meet their industry recognised Gold Standard for excellence. Made using only naturally sourced ingredients and innovating since 1947, Solgar is your perfect supplement to good health – 98% of Solgar consumers recommend the brand.

Solgar Vegan Vitamin D3 is a body-ready, sustainably sourced and 100% plant-based addition to the range of vitamin D3 supplements. Governments around the world agree vitamin D is important for immune system function and bone health and recommend a daily intake of between 10 µg (400 IU) and 20 µg (800 IU) per day for adults, especially those with limited sun exposure or darker complexions.

In addition, research estimates that less than 50 per cent of the global population has enough vitamin D, especially in winter.

Vitamin D contributes to:

- The maintenance of normal bones and teeth
- Normal immune system function
- Normal muscle function
- The absorption of calcium and phosphorus and normal blood calcium levels

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