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Ripple FOCUS mango aroma diffuser

Ripple FOCUS mango aroma diffuser

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Oh mango, you summertime fine. 1,000 puffs, oh you taste so divine. The combination of bacopa and sage keep you in check and keep your tastebuds nourished with intensified flavor. Uplifting & tropical vibes only.


  • Mango aroma
  • Bacopa
  • Sage

A thousand puffs to get you in the zone

A deliciously fruity mango aroma with extracts of bacopa and sage to help clear your mind and enhance your attention

New and improved MAX design: the unique shape is extra wide, ultra-sleek and packs in 1,000 puffs of improved natural aroma

0% nicotine and 100% recyclable for a clean and planet-friendly puffing experience

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