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Oral-B Pro 1 Cross Action Electric Toothbrush - Pink

Oral-B Pro 1 Cross Action Electric Toothbrush - Pink

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Product Description

Brush Buddies Soniclean Pro 3000 comes with 3 modes, standard, whitening and sensitive. The Pro 3000 comes with an adult, junior and whitening brush head. Brush Buddies Soniclean sensitive brush heads are compatible with this toothbrush. The bristles provide a full swiping motion, the way dentist recommend you to brush your teeth. The Pro 3000 has a waterproof handle that allows users to brush in the shower. The ultra light handle is designed to make sure you don't put additional pressure on your teeth while brushing. With too much pressure on your teeth you can hurt your gums and also wear enamel over time. The smart two minute timer helps to make sure you brush for the dentist recommended time. The built in lithium battery allows you to keep your toothbrush charged. The Pro 3000 has a storage compartment that allows you to store two brush heads when not in use.

Box Contains

1 x toothbrush with 3 modes, 3 brush heads, storage compartment

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