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Amphora Aromatics Jojoba Carrier Oil 25ml

Amphora Aromatics Jojoba Carrier Oil 25ml

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  1. Naturally soothing, rich in antioxidants, and moisturizing
  2. Rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E
  3. Suitable for use with all skin types and great to add to hair preparations.

This ready-to-use preparation of Jojoba oil is ideal to use as an all-natural face or hair oil. Use as an oil cleanser to help balance sebum production and reduce acne breakouts or as a natural, nourishing moisturizer. 

Jojoba is also thought to be beneficial to the hair in helping condition and nourish, promote volume as well as being useful as a dandruff treatment. Comes in a handy 25ml tincture bottle.
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