Weight Loss Supplements

Using weight loss supplements can be a valid solution for severely overweight and obese patients, but must be used alongside a wider weight loss programme which will educate the patient about nutrition and an appropriate exercise regime. Having a proper diet and exercising will not only help with weight loss but will also give a patient the tools to maintain their ideal weight once the prescribed weight loss treatment is discontinued. Many people fail to address the real issues behind their problems with their weight and opt for the easy way out by using weight loss supplements when in fact behavioural changes are extremely important. Browse Victoria Pharmacy’s range of weight loss products today.

Head Lice Treatment

At Victoria Pharmacy we recognise that head lice infections are a very common problem in the UK, and especially amongst school children. Lice pass from one person to another when two heads come into contact. Families enjoying a cuddle at home or children whispering secrets at school provide lice with an ideal opportunity to travel from one head to another. It is a common misconception that lice are associated with poor hygiene but this is completely untrue as lice can be found on clean or dirty hair. Head lice should be seen as nothing more than an inconvenience that can be easily treated and we have a range of products available at Victoria Pharmacy to help you treat a lice infection.

Vitamin Tablets

People who may need to be taking vitamin tablets and food supplements are women who are planning to get pregnant or have just become pregnant, people who have limited exposure to sunlight and lack vitamin D, Vegans who never eat dairy or meat products may need to take vitamin B12 and people who are malnourished because they have been ill or have had difficulty eating and swallowing for medical reasons. Victoria Pharmacy has a range of vitamins available in our online store which are suitable for all conditions mentioned. Dieticians, nutritionists and other experts are in agreement that apart from a small group of people who have special medical circumstances, most of us do no need to take vitamin tablets or food supplements. By eating balanced diet we can get all the vitamins we need.

Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills and sleep aids are most effective when they are used sparingly and for short term situations. This can be for situations like travelling across time zones or recovering from a medical procedure. Occasionally sleeping pills can be used briefly at the beginning of treatment for insomnia, especially if sleep deprivation is severe. If sleeping pills are used over a long period of time then it is best if they are used sparingly and “as needed” rather than on a daily basis. This is to avoid and dependency and tolerance issues. It is best to get advice from a healthcare professional to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits and also safely monitor any side effects. At Victoria Pharmacy we can advise you on the different types of sleeping aids that we have available in our online store.
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